The Future of Disease Detection

CEO Message

Hello, and welcome to Breathtec Biomedical. Our company was formed to advance research and development of some truly innovative techniques in the area of early stage medical diagnostic screening aids through breath analysis. Researchers have been investigating blood-breath analysis for a number of years now, but its only recently that advances in detection equipment has reached the point where the possibility of miniaturized and highly specialized medical devices could be constructed for use in front line environments such as a general practitioners medical office. Until now, the technology was unwieldy, required special training, and was excessively expensive to own and operate. We at Breathtec believe this is all about to change.

Our goal is to deliver a device that can be commercialized as a highly effective rapid screening tool for identifying early stage disease bio-markers as well as offering quick and painless means to monitor certain diseases to ensure treatment efficacy on an ongoing basis. We envision a future where a trip to the doctors office could determine early signs of breast and lung diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes, liver disease and more, all with just a single breath sample. And its worth noting that results can be made available in moments instead of days.

An ambitious vision perhaps, but one that we feel is achievable and certainly worth pursuing. While it may be difficult to put a dollar figure on the savings achieved through early treatment and resulting quality of life and productivity which might otherwise might be lost, I think it safe to say the value of early screening could be measured in billions of dollars annually around the globe. To that end, we have already secured a key patent in this potentially high growth sector, and are working diligently to ensure we achieve a leading role in future developments.

Our vision today is what drives us. A future where safer, less intrusive, painless, low cost and faster means to better health can be turned into reality.

I invite you to read our website, and feel free to contact us for more information. Please sign up to receive our news alerts as we hope you will follow our progress towards a healthy future.


Guy LaTorre, Chief Executive Officer

Breathtec Biomedical, Inc.