The Future of Disease Detection


Breathtec’s mission is to develop technologies that use biomarkers in the breath to screen for early signs of diseases such as lung & breast cancers, infectious diseases, diabetes, liver disease, and more. We are focused on developing a low-cost, non-invasive, portable hand-held device to be used by clinician’s in the office, clinic or hospital setting, or by agents screening for infectious diseases at national border entry points (ie: airports).

Field Asymmetric Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) is a highly sensitive chemical analysis method previously used for explosives detection that we have readapted for breath analysis for early disease detection.  FAIMS analysis has been successfully used to identify numerous biomarkers associated with disease but previous approaches have had limited clinical use due to a lack of the reproducibility and sensitivity required, as well as the size and expense of the final device. Breathtec’s goal is to leverage our deep understanding of the FAIMS technology in order to develop an effective and affordable medical screening device.

Regular screening using a simple breath test, could lead to significant advancements in remedial treatment protocols targeting major improvements in survivability and life quality.