The Future of Disease Detection


  • 2011 study reported dogs have demonstrated ability to sniff out cancer in human breath.
  • Numerous breath tests have been developed for specific cancers especially lung and breast cancers.
  • Research shows breath testing is at least as accurate as breast X-rays routinely used in hospitals.
  • Breath test results are available immediately after test administration.
  • Breath tests may reduce the need for uncomfortable mammograms and limit the radiation exposure during testing.
  • Early diagnosis may reduce incidences of unnecessary procedures.


  • In North America, the lifetime probability of being diagnosed with an invasive cancer is higher for men (43%) than for women (38%). Improving cancer survival rates requires earlier detection.
  • Lung 2015 (USA) New patients: 240,390. Deaths: 162,460. Global mortality: 1.59 million (2012).
  • Breast 2015 (USA) New patients: 234,190. Deaths 40,730. Global mortality: 521,000 (2012).