The Future of Disease Detection


equities-breathtec-profileBreathtec Biomedical, Inc. (“Breathtec”) was formed to propel innovative research in the area of breath analysis as a medical screening tool. Efforts are aimed at leading the development of commercially viable methods for the early screening of diseases such as  lung & breast cancers, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g.: Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s), tuberculosis, diabetes, liver disease and more.

The Company has acquired key IP and is funding advanced investigation focused on innovation and advances in the field of specialized mass spectrometry.

The principal market opportunity arises from the potential of low-cost, non-intrusive breath analysis technology as a diagnostic screening tool employed in general medical practice which could lead to notable advances in early detection of major cancers and other life-altering diseases.

  • Breathtec holds a license to key University of Florida patent U.S. 8,237,118 entitled “Partial Ovoidal FAIMS Electrode.”
  • FAIMS is a mass spectrometry technique that exploits differences in ion mobility at very high electric fields, to separate ions in the millisecond timescale after liquid chromatography separation and prior to introduction to a mass spectrometer.

FAIMS technology allows for miniaturization of breath testing devices and will enable development of non-invasive clinical screening.

  • Eventual commercialization of FAIMS could revolutionize early detection of many deadly diseases.
  • The Company is actively pursuing multiple, alternative research efforts into FAIMS technology.

Breathtec’s goal is to deliver a device that can be commercialized as a highly effective rapid screening tool for identifying early stage disease bio-markers as well as offering quick and painless means to monitor certain diseases to ensure treatment efficacy on an ongoing basis.

Regular screening using a simple breath test, could lead to significant advancements in remedial treatment protocols targeting major improvements in survivability and life quality.