The Future of Disease Detection


Our Goal:

Develop a handheld breathalyzer

  • Simplifies detection of diseases
  • Real-time breath analysis

Non-invasive & Non-intrusive

  • Collection anywhere, anytime
  • Rapid results (minutes, not hours or days)
  • Minimal handling/storage procedures
  • Relatively simple analysis

Three Key Form Factors


  • Miniaturized electronics & sensors
  • disposable consumables


  • Phase one: desktop
  • Phase two: handheld


  • Internet connected
  • Software updates
  • Remote data capable

“This is really a whole new field that has huge potential to revolutionize the way we do medical testing and monitoring. It has profound potential for global health. This is going to change medical diagnosis work, and that means a lot of better health and welfare, for employers, for insurance, for physicians … I think it’s going to have a great impact, and very soon.”

Prof. Perena Gouma, Director, SBU Center for Nanomaterials and Sensor Development