The Future of Disease Detection


Breathtec Biomedical Inc. (“Breathtec”) aims to propel development and commercialization of breath analysis screening technologies.

  • Breathtec holds a license to key University of Florida patent U.S. 8,237,118 entitled “Partial Ovoidal FAIMS Electrode.”
  • FAIMS is a mass spectrometry technique that exploits differences in ion mobility at very high electric fields, to separate ions in the millisecond timescale after liquid chromatography separation and prior to introduction to a mass spectrometer.

FAIMS technology allows for miniaturization of breath testing devices and will enable development of non-invasive clinical screening.

  • Eventual commercialization of FAIMS could revolutionize early detection of many deadly diseases.
  • The Company is actively pursuing multiple, alternative research efforts into FAIMS technology.

“Every individual has a breath print that differentiates them from other people, depending on what’s going on in their body, and that print can tell us a lot about a person, what they’ve been exposed to and what disease they have. That’s what makes the new field of breath testing so promising, because it is non-intrusive, so there is no risk involved, and you can do it anywhere, in a clinic, in a hospital, anywhere.”

Dr. Raed Dweik, Respiratory Institute at Cleveland Clinic

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